Thursday, September 17, 2009

new TYE! - stage 3

So here's the next stage of my new painting for the fast approaching Terrible Yellow Eyes show.

Going ok, until... Oh crap.

I got frustrated, poured water over the whole thing, and began again.

I'll do this from time to time. All else fails, pour water over it and see where it gets you.

Next post : the final!


ThinkBaker said...

Cory, I have the paper you suggested, from Graphic Chemical, I love it. BUT

I'm wondering though. How do you keep it from buckling? I've tried both soaking it before I tape it down to my board and not soaking it.

Either way, it still gets a ripple effect going every 1.5" or so?

what am I doing wrong?

But I must say, even with the buckling issue, I have grown to love this paper. it takes pencil like a champ and to be a printing type of paper the watercolors are great as well.

Ken said...

ThinkBaker try using a staple gun instead of tape, you can really make sure that son of a b is ripples or buckling.