Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thistledown puppet : stage 4

And now the completed head!

Philip from Thistledown Puppets has really knocked this out of the park, I mean it's just looking amazing. In his own words Philip explains the covering,
"I chose a crushed panne fabric for the skin because it’s thin, stretchy, and with the slight sheen it reminded me of dragon scales."

I love the hair on it; the little beard, especially. I'm just very pleased to see this project come together, literally piece by piece.

I'm a little envious of someone who can make puppets. I love sculpture and good puppetry seems to me like living sculpture.

To read more about this joint effort with me and Philip over at Thistledown Puppets, click here for a compilation of my posts explaining the project and to see the original painting which inspired the puppet.


Keith Zoo said...

Wow this is looking so good! I love how Philip is capturing the personality of your drawing. Really nice work. I agree, the beard is that one extra little element that brings it all alive.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit jealous. It must be really exciting to see your little dude in 3D!

later on!


Mike Boldt said...

I cannot wait to see this guy in action. Great work by both parties. Great character design such as this can sometimes be poorly translated into other forms (like 3D) but Philip really has nailed this!

Seb Mesnard said...

Wooooah!! stunning work from Philip Hatter the colors and all details of hair and eyes are perfect your dragon looks alive dude!! I'm jealouse my friend! want more pics!!!

RAWLS said...

Wow! This is looking fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Cory :o
Awesome process!
What a great artist, and you too for the inspiration drawing