Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Man, work had been crazy as of late. I've been doing close to 15 hour days the last week or so. It's an incredible project and one that I look forward to being able to talk about here. I've not enjoyed a client project like this since Le Cadeau du Temps.

I am sorry for missing my scheduled posts last Friday and Monday, though. I'm terrible.

Here's a little update with where I am with the Alice work :

I've got through chapter 9 thumbnailed and roughed. All that's left is the last 3 chapters. Once I get those put together I'll start posting the progress. It's been fun, I hope you will like the result.

I especially like the Cheshire cat, I modeled him after my one cat, James who is fat.


Matt Greenwood said...

Thumbs look amazing, can't wait to see more =D

Mike Boldt said...

I love your Alice work Cory. It's the stuff you like to have in your cereal bowl in the morning that keeps you going all day!

Stephen Macquignon said...

Skecthes look very nice

will kelly said...

James is a model! Just what every cat dreams of. So glad to hear you're enjoying the work, and I can't wait to see some of it.