Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey You Guys! Charity - UPDATE

I was invited a while back to contribute to the Hey You Guys! Charity art auction. The auction raises money for art supplies for kids and the theme is close to my heart -- it's art inspired by 80s movies. Read more about the auction and movie screening here.

For me, I went with what was nearest and dearest, Star Wars. I did a quick portrait of Luke Skywalker last night. This was too good of an event to miss out on.

I apologize for missing my Wednesday and Friday posts last week. I've been so swamped with work it's crazy. I've also got a couple other charity pieces to do as well and not to mention all the personal work I need to do.

* * *


Dougmian said...

Wow! I like this piece! You have great anatomy skills! This painting is so live!

Will Kelly said...

Cool! Now you should do Chewbacca.