Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sorry I missed my last couple days posting. We're wrapping up production on what has been, heretofore, the largest animation project we've ever done. When it's released you can be sure I'll be blogging about the creation of it. It's been an exhilarating ride, that is for sure.

* * *

What's that? You didn't think I had other side projects going on? With TYE and this massive client animation job? Indeed I do! Several of them.

Most all are "projects" though, compared with "operations" (see nomenclatures defined here)

Just to keep you up to date, primary ignition has commenced on :: Project 8 Bit Wonder :: shortly to be followed by -- :: Project Atlas :: running concurrently with :: Project White Rabbit ::

Again, these project codenames are thinly veiled. And there's not really anything to be all that secretive about. Atlas is the codename for my Flight 7 story, and you might guess what White Rabbit is.

:: Project 8 Bit Wonder :: I think, will drop this Friday, we'll see. It might actually be Monday. You can be sure I'll let you know.


Will Kelly said...

I have synchronized my watch, and am standing by for further communications.

I am really eager to see the animation - you guys have really done some great animation work in the past, like Le Cadeau, The Mad Bull, Ruin of the Beast, and Chris Koelle's animations for PBS... will be exciting to see what comes next!

Mike Boldt said...

Hot dog! I love code names for projects. In fact I'm using one right now....

Can't wait to see them all!

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Nice Link!