Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My piece for "Brownstones To Red Dirt" charity art auction

These last few months have certainly been the times of charity art auctions for me. This piece for Brownstones To Red Dirt marks the third of such endeavors.

I'm pleased to do them and I do enjoy contributing in some small way, plus it's always fun to get an excuse to do a one-off, unrelated to any other project piece.

From the BTR blog about the project :

Two colleagues at Blue Sky Studios, David LaMattina and Chad Walker, have created a feature-length documentary about a pen pal program between a group of at-risk sixth graders living in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and orphans from the war living in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This Postcard Art project is an extension of the their film "Brownstones To Red Dirt" which features children from both schools. The kids in both places have inspired us all to want to do more and so we're putting together an art auction of original postcards based around the same central theme of the film in a fundraising effort to build a school for the orphans in Freetown, Sierra Leone and create a library for the youth at their school in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.
The theme of sorts is pen-pals and all the art has been made on these little wooden postcards. It was an interesting surface to try and work on. I was expecting the watercolor to bleed a little but it actually stayed put pretty well. Other contributors to the auction have used more opaque media and I wish I would have tried something like that but I stupidly left myself little time before I needed to mail the actual piece. I'm happy with what I ended up with in any case, it feels pretty standard "Cory" to me, which is what I wanted for it.

I'm not sure when the piece will be posted, I just mailed it out yesterday morning but I'll certainly let you know when it's up for auction.


Mike Boldt said...

Hotdog Cory! This is fantastic! What an excellent donation to an amazingly worthy cause!

By the way, Bit and Run has sprinting up the ladder of all time favorite comics of mine.

I have to thank you as well, for it was because of TYE that Vicki contacted me.

Cory said...

Thanks! I have a good time making bit and run.

And that's awesome! I'm glad she got in touch with you!

Larry MacDougall said...

Good job Cory - class all the way !

Nicole said...

Beautiful piece. They seem like an enjoyable pair to be friends with!

Cate Raff said...

Yes, it's so beautiful! WHAT a cool documentary--I'll have to check that out!

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