Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new method practice

Here's an unfair question for you -- which of the two above unresolved sketches do you prefer? Wait -- before you answer let me give you a little context.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are both stupefying-ly incredible artists. And Annie's got this something about this one way she works :

She was sweet enough to offer to let me watch her paint and steal all her knowledges.

So I'm going to be experimenting with a new method soon and I'm trying to settle on test piece. Both of the above ideas are simple, a dragon in a gondola and Alice. The core of the method seems to be strong drawing is which what I'm most comfortable doing. Then there's a series of glazing and I'm assuming acrylic washing.

If it makes any difference, in the lesser resolved of the thumbnails, Alice is holding a rabbit. And the background is an off-kilter argyle pattern.

So, gondola or rabbit? Which would you rather see?

Here's the board I'll be painting on.


Aaron Cooke said...

I assume alice will win by a landslide just because it's alice but I vastly prefer the gondola. Mostly because it's a scene and looks like it could be part of a story. Straight character shots don't do a lot for me. Also, the background in the gondola sketch looks like it would be a lot more interesting and I think play to one of your strengths which is lighting/coloring in sky/cloud backgrounds.

Amanda said...

I think I prefer the gondola, but either one will of course turn out wonderfully.

Jennifer said...

I like gondola sketch best.

Jeremy S said...

Definitely the Gondola. Aaron stole the words right out of my mouth. All the pieces I love from you seem to be plucked from an unknown fascinating story.

Will Kelly said...

You could just end all controversy, frame the blank board, and say to the world "It's Art!!!".

But I think you'd better put the gondola on it. Just for good measure.

ThinkBaker said...

What type of board is it? Watercolor board? Illustration board? Masonite?

It's almost like the Struzan Method of getting ALL your details down with the pencils first so the colors are quick and easy.

This is my usual form of painting as well. Only because I am more comfortable with pencils than anything else.... and I suck at everything else. lol

I choose the dragondola

Mel said...

Well, I'm the outlier, because, although the gondola is amazing, I would like to see what happens with the Alice sketch. I'm partial to bunnies, too.
I think this is a hard question to answer without getting all wishy-washy, because really, you should do them both!

Anonymous said...


Also, holy wow, I adore that tea kettle painting.

Josh said...

I think the gondola is similar to another piece you did a while back when reveaing your new set of projects, TYE, and the others. Did you reveal all of those by the way?

Anyway, I vast;y prefer Alice due to being partial to both bunnies, checker back grounds and drawings of well, Alice.

Anonymous said...

I love the Dragon in the Gondola most.

Philip said...


KaleFamily said...

Gondola. I'd like to see what you'll do with it. It reminds me of your Triceratops Seranade sketch you made for us.