Wednesday, March 03, 2010

new method practice 3


Here's the scan of the finished drawing. I'm not certain what day next week we'll be painting though, but surely I'll find something ludicrous to post Monday in case I don't have the next step in this painting. This Friday is bit and run as usual.

To answer questions from the previous post's comments :

Michael Dooney said... Uh even after two posts I'm not quite following what the "new Method" is ;) Are you saying that you are painting on a gessoed board instead of watercolor paper????

The new method is the painting, the drawing is pretty straightforward at this point.

nicholas said... Cory, I totally understand drawing over too much texture. I don't like it either. Did you use a different pencil or something to offset this?

Sort of, I used a regular pencil like I usually do for most of it, but for some areas I experimented with darker ones -- 5Bs and 8Bs. In the end I was happiest with the way the mechanical pencil covered the texture but more pleased with the values of the darker Bs. Awesome! No definitive solution!

Next post, Friday : bit and run 10


Will Kelly said...

I always did like mechanical pencils. They draw nicely, and you absolutely never have to sharpen them.

The drawing turned out nice Cory! I like the moths around the lantern a lot. How is watercolor going to work on the 'board'? Or are you going to use a different medium?

nicholas said...

Hurray for no definitive solution!
Thanks for the info. I would have never guessed a mechanical pencil.
I agree with Will on the moths, very nice. Also, one of the things I really enjoy about your work is the smudging. This is even nice in places where it supposed to be.

By the way...I feel like such a nerd anticipating every post. Seriously...major anticipation.