Monday, March 22, 2010

new method practice 6

Ok! So, we've been on a little trek here, haven't we? I can say for certainty that "new method practice" has really turned into just that, I have never worked this way before.

Here's what's happened with it since our last episode -- Remember the darker, richer glaze? I liked it very much, however, it nearly wiped out the drawing underneath, which was my whole reason for experimenting with this Acrylic glazes, right? No problem, I'll just use a little Gamsol and clean some off and -- !! -- there goes not only my glazes but my pencil. Note, this happened over a couple times, not all at once which goes to show I'm just stumbling around figuring this out.
So now my glazes are inconsistent and my drawing's bleeding away. I decided to just forgo any pretense of Acrylic, treat what I had as an underpainting and dive into the oils --

Stage 1. This was nice but too dark, I needed to paint in the figures.

Stage 2. At this point I felt like I had melted down Jolly Ranchers and was painting with them.That might sound bad but I mean it to say that after the introduction of some Galkyd I felt like I was painting with melted hard candy. It was awesome. I'm pretty happy with what's happened, even though it's so far off base of what I was originally planning.

Oh yeah! And we've got a new camera, check these out --

So, that's were we are headed now. I'm pleased so far but still I'm wanting to see this Acrylic glazing method through so I'm working up this piece :

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PS. Here's a video of my nephew and me sword fighting over the weekend.


Michael Dooney said...

If you seal your drawing with acrylic matte medium, you'll never loose it again...even some oil painters (James Gurney I think for one) work over a sealed drawing.

Cory Godbey said...

Yeah I didn't seal it all that well, just a coat or two of spray fix before the first few layers of Acrylic.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it finished!

I love that video, by the way. Your nephew is way too cute to be a fearsome warrior, but his cuteness is meant to lull the forces of darkness into a false sense of security--then WHAM! Marshall does a running kick and impales their precious shrubbery into utter submission!

God, I remember using Christmas wrapping rolls to duel my sister with. She was brutal--but through the beatings I always thought what a cool sound they made when they thunked off my skull.

Will Strong said...

Holy scrud, that kid is adorable. Also, nice blog. I just found it and I really like your work.

Philip said...

Love the video. That vile shrub will never rear it's ugly head again...

Gwendolyn said...

could you use a china marker for the drawing if you're just working with acrylics?

I can't believe how big Marsh is getting...

Jeremy S said...

For what it is worth, I now want to see you attempt a quick painting with actual melted hard candy.