Monday, August 23, 2010

blog, 5 year anniversary

This is one that's hard to believe, my blog is now 5 years old. It turned 5 yesterday.

I think this calls for a give-away.

All the same, I'm a little behind these days catching up with several personal and client projects all running at once so we might have to be celebrating this 5 year mark in the couple weeks. I want to do this give-away right like the one I last did in January so I need a little time to plan it.

I've also got a few pretty big, exciting things in store for this old blog.

Here's a piece I made while working on these few pretty big, exciting things :



Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful!

Can't wait for the new, exciting things and for the giveaway:)


Anonymous said...

oh...and happy 5 years!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Your work is amazing!

Sadami said...

Dear Cory,
Happy anniversary! Great 5 years hard work. Lovely uploaded work!
Cheers, Sadami

Will Kelly said...

Wow, happy 5th Cory & LNR!

I love this new painting too... amazing line movement and colors.
Looking forward to the giveaway!

Mike Boldt said...

Happy 5th Blogaversery!

Looking forward to many more years of awesomeness from you.

ps. Also looking forward to your Art Blocks for Ghana contribution.

Mel said...

Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?
Your work is stunning, and I also look forward to many more years of future posts from you.

As the proud and grateful winner of a past giveaway, I wanted to say thank you again for the lovely art in my home.