Monday, November 29, 2010

Miracle the Christmas Unicorn!

It's a Christmas Miracle!

That's right, it really is a Christmas Miracle with Miracle the Christmas Unicorn Christmas cards! Each set comes packaged with two sets of four designs, that's eight cards in total including envelopes!

With each set you get (x 2)

Merry Christmas! It's a Christmas Miracle!
Miracle the Christmas Unicorn sings your Christmas favorites!
Miracle the Christmas Unicorn in the Candy Cane Forest!
Miracle the Christmas Unicorn decorates Christmas Cookies!

Each shrink wrapped set comes with :

8 cards (4 designs x 2)
8 envelopes
An infinity of miracles!

Only $4.99 for a set of eight cards (four designs x 2) with eight envelopes!

I've been selling these at my recent exhibitions and I'm now making them available online. There are not many sets left, order today if you want them!

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Unknown said...

Soo cute!! Beautiful cards!