Friday, December 31, 2010

A fire sale remembered.

To cap off 2010 I wanted to do it in style, so like I brought in the year with a week long giveaway, at the end of the year I cleaned out my studio and had a fire sale! It came about because I was organizing and cleaning out my office for the first time in months, and months. After a while I began separating the drawings I was coming across into "keep" and "burn" piles.
Hence, fire sale! I decided to make these available on my shop for pretty good deals.

The evening I photographed and posted everything, after wards I thought, oh geez, I just wasted my time. I woke up the next morning to 1/3 of the fire sale having sold! I was pretty excited. In the end I think 3/4ths of the collection sold. I'm so pleased with the way it worked.

Like I said, most every is gone now though there are still a few pieces left in the fire sale collection.

Here's some pictures of stuff before the rush,

And a few of my favorites :

Thank you for making the fire sale a success!


And of course,

This is other side of the "fire sale" -- the part where I burned stuff that didn't make the cut! You can't have a fire sale with out the threat of real fire, right?

Behold, an Alice invitation gets the burn.

I had set up my new fire bowl out back in front of the garage. That's me with the staff there. I used it to incessantly poke the fire into puffing ash into my friends' faces.

Above, watching the massive embers land on top of my garage.

Again, thanks so much for making my fire sale great -- it really turned into a success. I wasn't sure at first if I should even take the time to put it together but now I can see it becoming a year end staple.

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