Monday, January 24, 2011

Fraggle development 2/3

I'm still pretty much blown away that I got to do some real, live Fraggle art. Here follows an account of the project.

I'm going to break it up in three parts, 1. How this project came about, character studies. 2. Thumbnails, roughs, and drawings. 3. Final art.

* * *

So I was officially approved by Henson. I didn't (and still don't) know if this meant that Fozzie Bear stamped my file with a big "WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA" or just someone, somewhere said, "He might not screw it up, ok."

Either way, I began working on the thumbnails, trying to figure out how to lay out the comic. This was my first time working from a script like this, for most all other comic work that I've done that's published I've written it and scripted it myself. In those instances I worked from a long rambling series of notes. This Fraggle script had panels and pages to figure.

Well, I went to the beach. That's right, I first read the script and thumbnailed the pages while at the beach. It was great. But that doesn't really factor into things.

I then took my impossible to decipher thumbnails and made versions that I could show people. Basically I just took the scanned thumbnails and roughed them up in Photoshop. I worked with values and shapes, mostly. After this I laid in the text to get a feel for how the words would all fit.

I was especially glad to hear that the roughs were approved, no changes, and I got to go to final. After this I did the drawings.

I tried something a little different for this, you'll notice that there's almost no backgrounds or anything. I knew I was going to watercolor them but I had a different method I wanted to try for the final art. But that is for next time.

Next post, Wednesday. Watercolors, my super sister, final art, and Jim Henson's birthday.

PS. Last time there was a question about the type of paper I use. For most all of my work I like a kind of printmaking paper, from The Graphic Chemical and Ink company. Here's a direct link to the paper, Natural White. Thanks to Jeremiah for the links in the previous post comment section!

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