Monday, March 21, 2011

The Last Flight of Petr Ginz - the premiere

We just returned from New York where we attended the premiere of The Last Flight of Petr Ginz, the feature length documentary film for which we provided about 20 minutes worth of animation. I can't wait until the film sees a wider release and I can point you toward it. Until then I'll content myself with the trailer as well as showing you some pictures of the premiere.

I hope you will enjoy.

The film was screened in the Walter Reade Theater.

Me, Heather, and Matt.

The reception before.

Me and Matt Silver, artist rep. extraordinaire.

Erin and me before the movie.

And since I can't show you the movie yet, here is the trailer.

Afterward some of us were asked to go up on stage.

That's Sandy, the director introducing me.

To see the animated portions I had worked on so hard finally shown on a massive theater screen was amazing to say the least. It was an incredible experience to glance back for a moment and see a sea of faces looking at my work.

I was able to meet Petr Ginz's niece, Tamar, after the screening. I'm not going to lie, it was difficult to keep it together talking with her. To think what her family had lost when Petr and other members of her family were killed is extraordinary.

I look at my work on the film as only trying to help Chava (Petr's little sister who survived and now lives in Israel. She is in her 80s.) tell her story about her brother. That's it.

Next post,Wednesday. A little more about our time in NYC.

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Will Kelly said...

Way to go Cory! I'm really happy for you. I think every artist dreams of being able to just tell a story like it needs to be told in their pictures, and I think you were able to do just that.

Let us know when it goes into wider release - I definitely want to see it if I can!