Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I got to work on a really incredible project called Zaarly. (@zaarly on Twitter.) I created all of the art, illustration for it. It was a lot of fun working with the team and a super awesome experience. I look forward more opportunities to work with everyone again.

I'll let you click over if your interested to read about it but to quote LeVar Burton in USA TODAY,
"'This is an idea that is just crazy enough to work,' says actor LeVar Burton, a Zaarly board member who is starting his own tech firm."

Also, in a world colliding event, I signed up for Zaarly. Behold,

It's weird and cool to see my name there and see my art above it.

If this were a commercial from the 80s I would now turn to the camera, smile, and say, "Thanks, Zaarly!"


Graham Stinson said...

we've been commenting repeatedly about how great the art is for zaarly - it's urban without being cold and community oriented without being cheezy. it communicates the spirit of the thing incredibly well. nice job, cory!

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I wonder if you have more info about the Zaarly project! it amazes me so much!