Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The upcoming Harry Potter show at Gallery Nucleus (@gallerynucleus) is going to be an amazing collection to see. Here is my piece for it.

I first started to read them in high school and quickly burned through the first three or four books. The wait between books was agonizing but incredibly worth it. I fell hard for them after the first chapter, that was all it took. I distinctly remember my first time reading it, I was amazed by what I was reading in a way that I really hadn't before with any other book. I just loved it. And the books only got get better.

One of the first of many, many moments I fell in love with was early on was Hagrid on a flying motorcycle bringing the freshly orphaned Harry to Dumbledore. The introduction of the giant, wild man on a flying motorcycle, and the phrase, "The Boy Who Lived." That was it for me, I loved it.

For this piece I was under a pretty significant time crunch but Nucleus has always been so great to me that I can't turn them down (you might remember the Terrible Yellow Eyes show!) so I decided to make a finished drawing in tribute not only to Harry Potter the books but also to the incomparable Mary GrandPré illustrations.


Curious Art said...

Wonderful! His expression, his hugeness on that little bike, his wild hair& flowing garments... pure Hagrid! (I have a special fondness for him too.)

Bradley W. Maston said...

Truly tremendous! That is my unparalleled favorite depiction of the wonderful character of Hagrid. Thank you!

Aedan Peterson said...

That's great! That beard is amazing! I don't understand how you draw your hair.

Miss Ngo said...

Beautiful...I always remember that scene from of the Harry Potter books and admiring and imitating the spot illustrations of Mary GrandPre as a child. It looks like it's going to be a great show!