Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FaerieCon 2011

I really didn't know what to expect from FaerieCon. I was an invited guest at the convention and asked to speak about some of my experiences in animation. There were a lot of really awesome people going to be there (Charles Vess, Brian Froud) people that I look up to and admire their work immensely. So hey, why not!

Well, it was an absolute blast! We had a great time, everyone was so kind, and the whole thing was so much fun. From getting to hang out with some of my illustrative heroes to awesome concerts, FaerieCon delivered. A huge thanks to Robert Gould for inviting me.

Here's a little look at our time there.

My booth. Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures of anything else. 

Nearly sold through The Hidden People! If you want one, act fast.

I brought several of my originals.

The costumes were pretty great.

And the nightly concerts were out of control fun.

Post-FaerieCon we visited family as well as traveled to the Brandywine Museum.

This is the path that N. C. Wyeth built and walked up every day.

The Brandywine itself.

I must be done with the river. Time to go.


Here are a few pictures from Erin's blog post about our trip.You can read Erin's post here.
Erin got her face painted. Aw yeah!

My great uncle and I being hilarious.

I also sat on a giant chair at one point.
This concludes my FaerieCon, family visit, Wyeth trip post.


Cooper Davis said...

I like the chair!

Stacy LeFevre said...

Ooh is there any way you could post up more photos of costumes? That's what I love most about conventions. Glad you had a lot of fun, that giant chair looks cozy!

Eirynfox said...

You look like you are at home in giant chairs :P

Fisticuffs is a gentleman's sport!

Anonymous said...

If i could grow a beard i bet my life would be fun too