Friday, January 13, 2012

Petr Ginz + UN

“The seed of a creative idea does not die in mud
and scum. Even there it will germinate and spread
its blossom like a star shining in darkness.”  

- Petr Ginz 

 We've been invited to the UN for a special screening of a documentary film I had the opportunity work on called The Last Flight of Petr Ginz. It's an amazing story of a young, brilliant Holocaust victim.

The UN Holocaust Outreach Programme is showing the film later this month. Afterwards I'll be joining a panel with the other filmmakers to talk about it.

* * *

Here is a new, incredible trailer for the documentary.

And here is a trailer I put together specifically for the animated portion.

Through out the feature length documentary three different kinds of animation are interspersed. One, original animation (most notably the outer space sequences.) Two, Petr's painting and drawings. And finally, different moments in Petr's life.

For this project I took the script and story-boarded the animation sequences. I oversaw the art direction of this portion of the film as well as created all of the art for animation and prepared many of Petr Ginz's original works to be animated. Danny McNight then took the work and animated it with Adobe After Effects.

About the Film:

By 14 Petr Ginz had written five novels and penned a diary about the Nazi occupation of Prague. By 16 he had produced 120 drawings and paintings, edited an underground magazine in the Theresienstadt Ghetto, written numerous short stories and had walked to the gas chamber at Auschwitz.


Aedan Peterson said...
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MJP OR said...

Incredible story - and I love your work in the trailer for the animated portion. Your night skies are truly amazing!

Esther Ellis said...

Cory, your work for this just looks so stunning. The animation trailer is just inspiring. I really want to see this documentary!