Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Behold! I have wrought for myself a Tumblr. 

 Another blog? Well, not quite. It's different and here's my reasoning. Basically a third of my traffic comes from random folks posting my work on Tumblr. Thankfully, it's most always credited back to me otherwise I'd have no idea. I wanted to give the good people of Tumblr a legitimate source for my work to re-blog, re-tumbl, or whatever it is that goes on in that wild, untamed land of .gifs and memes.

What will I use it for? Mostly I see it as bringing my work to a new audience. I'll be rolling through several of my personal projects over there and revisiting some of my favorite posts from here.

So, all that to say my main blog is going holding fast and you can now follow me on Tumblr to revisit past projects!


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Kristopher2f said...

Great reading your bllog