Friday, March 09, 2012

New door!

I've got a couple of friends helping me out with this tree house project. One of them happens to be an architect! He's designed (and is in the process of building) a door for the tree house.

The house is in great condition and in fact the only weather damage is in the door way (where there's never been a real door). This should take care of that.

Behold! The terrible fury of Jon!
And here you can see his design.


If only I could house a for real Pikachu in this thing.


Lee Stevenson said...

Didn't know I could get so Jealous over a tree house!
I WANT YOUR TREEHOUSE... Not in a, I have a balaclava and I'm holding a baseball bat, kind'a way! More in a, dreamy and imaginary way :)

JMPitts said...

Full disclosure: I am not licensed yet so in the eyes of the American Institute of Architects I am classified as Intern regardless of my role in the profession (but I'm not bitter). Also I'm pretty sure I did more destruction than construction but we'll fix that soon.