Monday, April 30, 2012


This is (a detail of) one of the final "main" pieces (in progress) for the book.

All of the studies and character portraits serve as planning for these main pieces. See, up to this point I haven't really posted many of the "main" pieces. Mostly just the studies. I want those to be a surprise.

I'm putting together the last few pieces tonight and tomorrow. Then it's off to the printers!


When I have sent this sketchbook off to the printer, so help me, I will take the longest bike ride. I've hated not having the time to go. Yes, some of these projects are self-inflicted but still, I've missed not being able to go ride. I've been juggling a lot of projects and haven't felt ok to take the time to leave.

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Lady Teacup said...

Congrats on the final leg! Enjoy that bike ride! You deserve it. :)