Monday, April 23, 2012

The Upstart Crow

Above. Stills from the animation.


The Upstart Crow. 

A creative scholarship project.

* * *

For this animated short I used my digital stop-motion, paper cut-out method. Essentially, this means creating fully layered finished illustrations, nudging everything slightly, and taking a screen capture. If you do this enough times and string the images together, you get this handmade quality of movement that I find pretty appealing.

* * *

Help my friend Micah pursue doctoral Shakespearean research!

He’s been offered a place for doctoral research in English and Shakespeare Studies (at Oxford, Cambridge, AND the Shakespeare Institute) and we are proud of him.

But it’s expensive. A bunch of us got together and set this project in motion to help him. See how you can help!

The Upstart Crow.

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