Monday, June 25, 2012


This past weekend we exhibited at HeroesCon, a convention in Charlotte, NC.

I've always meant to get around to Heroes; it's so close, practically in my backyard, but I'd always forget. This time we got our act together and made it to the show.

Justin and I didn't split a booth this go around, we secured neighboring booths and made a kind of SUPER BOOTH. Like the Death Star of booths.

We had awesome time hanging out with David Petersen and his wonderful wife Julia. Also, Jeremy Bastian, a man who's brain works in intricate ways (as evidenced by pictures from his sketchbook, below). And we also spent some time hanging out with the super Skottie Young.

Our booth neighbors were great as well, friends from FaerieCon and on the other side we met Ken and Nikki of Grimwood Fables.

I went into the show not expecting to take on commissions; I suppose in my mind I was expecting that if I opened up that option it would mean I would be obligated to draw Wolverine stabbing Dr. Who in the face while R2D2 watched. Also draw them all as samurais. For $15.

Thankfully, I encountered a higher class of gently persistent collectors who were looking for original work at respectable rates (sorry if I was initially reluctant, I had to bum paper off of Justin!). You guys were awesome. I had a really great time with all your commissions. The experience you gave me has put faith in me to decide to take commissions for real at future conventions. Thanks again! I'll post those drawings if I get scans from the commissioners.

* * * 

Here's a look at some of the things I picked up from the show; just to note, I failed to get pictures of some small posters. In general though, I usually only pick up sketchbooks though, so that's mostly what's represented below.

The tiny haul.

A few other Archaia FCBD book contributors were there!

Can't possibly recommend Mouse Guard enough.

The intricacies of Jeremy Bastian's brain.


I rarely actually draw in my sketchbook, usually I'm making notes or writing but at a convention there's too much activity for me to be able to think too much so I ended up doodling a good bit more than usual. Here's some of how I spent my time while at the booth and hanging out with some of the aforementioned rock stars of comics.

Always trolls.

All in all, a great time at HeroesCon. I had no idea what to expect but we had a profitable show as well as fun, thank you to everyone who came out and supported my work!

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Matthew Knapik said...

Thank you for being there! I spent all but thirty minutes of the convention working the booth for Shelton. I made it a point to visit you and Tom Bancroft during that fleeting half-hour!