Friday, June 01, 2012

Menagerie! Now available!

I'm terribly excited to show you the project I've been been working on for the past four months: my 2012 sketchbook, Menagerie.


$15, color printing, 44 pages, soft cover, perfect bound. 6" x 9"

You can find it on my shop, here.

Here's a video tour of the work, every spread of the book :

* * *

Thank you for supporting my work! By picking up Menagerie you help to fund this and other personal projects like it. I can't thank you enough for that.

* * *

All books are signed. The first 50 I'm doing as a sort of "artist edition" and will have a signed sketch drawn on the title page.


Fernando Lopez said...

Finally!! ^_^

One for me and another for my son!

Superb sketchbook Cory!


Melissa said...

W'hoo! I will be sure to purchase mine directly from you at FaerieCon this year.

Ever since I watched Disney's Robin Hood as a wee thing, I've loved animal characters. Very excited to see this.

GeoNeo said...

Looks great! ...and buy.