Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hobbit week pt. III

For the actual color work on this cover I did things a little differently. Each piece, each project, each series I work just a little differently. I'm constantly refining my method and tinkering with the process.

Things were especially different in that I was under a time crunch to get this and Archaia's Free Comic Book Day Labyrinth story done at the same time. Also I was obliged to be out of my studio and work on the road. I ended up getting a MacBook Pro to work on the go (and it's turned out to be one of the best things I have ever gotten.) Yes, things were done a little differently this time around.

Finished drawing.

Some of the difference shows up in the coloring progress and textures. I tried a few different methods of flatting and blocking in shapes.

Flatted color.

This lead to some interesting (and strange) textures when a few of the other layers were turned off.


One thing that you are especially not supposed to overlook in Tolkien are the details. The books are all details so you have no excuse to not know how a particular character is dressed, what they just ate, what phase the moon is in ... the list goes on. All that to say, when dressing Bilbo I forgot his vest! Vest missing the little brass buttons. I drew it seperately and photoshopped it into the drawing before I began the final cover.


Hobbit week.

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