Friday, November 30, 2012

Spectrum 19!

I'm so pleased to once again to be able to say that I'm a part of the most recent Spectrum

I scored two pages, one full and one quarter.

Many thanks to the judges and The Fenners!


The Elf Mother, from The Hidden People.
ÉowynMy series of process posts.


Will Kelly said...

Congrats Cory!

Some of my favorite of your pieces in there. I have the postcard/mini print of the Elf Mother above my computer in my studio space. It inspires me every day!

Katie said...

Definite congratulations are in order. I keep Spectrum books in my house because there is nothing like flipping through to see what likeminded people are up to.

I saw you drawing of Bilbo on the cover of a book... I think some kind of Hobbit-themed devotional or something, I wasn't super clear on that... in a Barnes & Noble. I pointed it out to my parents, who were visiting, and told them that cover illustation was from a Greenville guy and about seeing your booth at the Indie Craft Parade. The way you might tell someone you've met an actor you admire.

Well done :)