Thursday, June 06, 2013

Story and Pictures - update!

The upcoming TLC Workshop that Justin Gerard and I are teaching just got an exciting (and massive) update: Iain McCaig will join us for an afternoon!

Seattle in August, the guy who created Darth Maul, two other guys who saw the movie. I don't know what else you could ever want!

Space is limited. 

Story and Pictures with Cory Godbey & Justin Gerard
Fri-Sun, August 16-18. $500.

In this dual-faculty workshop, Justin and Cory will cover their illustration processes and approaches to character-driven art. Students will work alongside the instructors to conceptualize and design their own character, craft their visual story and put it all together into a single image. The class will be heavily geared toward drawing and painting traditionally, but Justin and Cory will also demonstrate how they use digital tools to enhance their work (digital artists welcome!).  Limit: 23 students.

Announcing a Special Guest - the amazing and fabulous Iain McCaig!

Iain will spend an afternoon with us sharing his process for creature and character creation - a very entertaining and hands on demo.  


Brade said...

Iain is a true master of the half topless-long-haired-brunette, half animal motif!

Enjoy Seattle, dudez!

Shaz from Doctoral Programs said...

Thank you for the link to the workshop. This sounds like a good way for beginners to learn how to create some professional level artwork. I like the fact that it is for both digital and traditional artists. I really like some of this art, it really is some awesome stuff.

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