Monday, March 20, 2006


I dragged into the studio around 10 AM. Last night I worked into the wee hours (only fell deeds and no sleep occur after 1:30 AM) on a job, so I did what everyone needs to do, and sleep late on Monday. I trugded into the studio, blinking. And I saw the Project Manager of Portland Studios, Jamin Jantz, cavorting around wildly with a large brown box.

These sorts of things need never be seen before noon on a cold, March morn.

I stand with my coat collar turned up seeking vainly to deflect the chill winds, cheeks flushed with the cold, brain a-skew, and I say to this dancing man, "Jamin, what are you doing."

To which he replies, "A box! A box of Landon Snow 2 just arrived!"
To which I reply, "Joy!"

the box on my desk...

[The head shot of Landon on the cover]

For a sneak peak at the process of the interior art, click here.


Rikki said...

these do look amazing :)

Unknown said...

these are GREAT!!

elegraph said...

congrats and great job!