Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a fox hunt

I've been working on a painting of a fox hunt but I got side-tracked doing studies of a guy in a red coat.

Tomorrow night ought to be more profitable as far as the finished piece goes.


I'm wanting to do this almost as a portrait. Below is the watercolor thumbnails. The little orange blob underneath the horse is a sleeping fox. Or will be.

I saw a painting of a guy on a horse in an antique shop in NC a few months back and was struck by the color, the composition, and the mostly serene look of the guy on the horse.

I also spent some time this evening going over two of my stories, Alexander and Rex and Peter, Peter. Addressing the good and the bad. Assessing what might still be useful.


Anonymous said...

I like the expression on the calm face of guy, and maybe fox looks to viewer too ?! ya, intresting painting!
I will look for next update on this one!

keep up awsome works, and keep here updated too plz!

tnx, mim.Armand

Anonymous said...

Hey and that new link (or I notice that just now?!) is really great man!
tnx for it! and plz keep these great staff going, really inspired!
Tnx so much

ah! I just forgot to say which link I say! I mean this:
Portland Studios YouTube! :D


Anonymous said...

This sounds like it's going to be cool. The red-suited guy looks splendidly early 1800's. A good piece to herald the beginning of fall.
Keep it up! Will