Monday, August 11, 2008


Of all the 31 presidents to serve our nation in the 150 years before 1941, only 4 made it into stone on the side of a mountain.

And there's a reason why in 1927 when work was begun on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota Teddy Roosevelt's face was included with the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln:

He was awesome.

An excerpt from Zach's post on the Portland blog:

"He assumed the presidency at just 42-years-old, after William McKinley died from an anarchist’s bullet. This makes him the youngest to fill the office. He was a busy and distinguished man. He served as the Governor of New York, and the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He was the founder of the nation’s first Volunteer Calvary Regiment, a professional historian, naturalist, explorer, author, conservationist, and cowboy. It is said that he had a photographic memory and was the most widely read politician along with Thomas Jefferson. Additionally, he wrestled while in the Governor’s mansion, hunted big game in Africa, boxed in the White House’s State Rooms, and supervised the building of the West Wing. He also put Lincoln on the Penny, and survived an assassination attempt. After his presidency, he explored the forests of South America and found the headwaters of the River of Doubt, later called the Rio Roosevelt. Predictably, he was an active and enthusiastic supporter of the Boy Scouts of America, and they in turn bestowed upon him the singular title “Chief Scout Citizen.” During his life he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the part he played in the reconciliation between Russia and Japan. He was also recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Theodore Roosevelt remains the only American to receive both the medal for peace and the highest recognition for valor."

So, throughout this week we're posting once a day about the man named Teddy.

Below you'll find my contribution for today, an excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt's auto-biography and childhood.

I hope you enjoy.

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mim said...

These are funny!
nice, :)


Unknown said...

this may be my favorite post of all time.

Caleb said...

ditto, Mac.

Peace. - Caleb

Unknown said...

That is great :). I'd be reading more autobiographies if they were written this way.