Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cody III - storyboards.

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You know Cody Webster.

And who could ever forget part II ?

Well. You knew it had to be coming. The third and final installment in the Cody Webster saga.

Behold, some storyboards. This final installment plays on a couple themes established in the first spot but events unfold a little more unexpectedly this time around.

* * *

The Cody Webster shorts have been an interesting thing. They're always obliged to be completed quickly and they've been a tremendous learning experience for me, both in storyboarding and economy of creation. Meaning that, with a limited budget, what can I do within those parameters to get the most out of the art and the time.

I boarded the entire (as it stands 2 minutes! that'll have to be edited) thing yesterday, start to finish in 8 hours. Almost 200 storyboards, colored, and I put together the animatic with a scratch track and sound effects.

I enjoy getting a solid chunk of time to see a project (or part of project) completed in one sitting. It's probably because I'm lazy and played video games a lot.

I like to do things in one (no matter how long) sitting. Like when I needed to beat Sonic 2 one afternoon as a kid. I hate that Metropolis Zone.

And so you know, I didn't make this video. I just found it.

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