Friday, October 17, 2008

Illustration Friday : "Late"

Hopefully not too late.

Of course not! He's Cody Webster, dang it! He's right on time! Er, it will never be too late for him. Because he'll always make it. Yup. That's it.

* * *

This is some final art for the third commercial in the Cody Webster saga.

If you like, you can see the previous two commercials and get a little teaser of the third here. Or just click on my top banner. It's the post right before this one.

Or, if you're into having more options, you can visit Cody in his natural habitat over at

You can check out the hot little flash banner of Cody and see his commercials there too.

* Essentially Cody represents the clients of Worthwhile. They are awesome, they are heroic, but sometimes they need a helping hand. Cody himself gets into scrapes that are just over his head, that's where Worthwhile steps in and gives him a boost.

Cody's stories are an amalgamation of all sort of over the top spy genre-type things.


Connie said...

A James Bond of the future? Weird and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Late is the new early. I really don't understand that expression, but I wanted to say it anyway. Awesome illustration.

Juan said...

Fantastic illo!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustration!

Zórdís said...

Warm and floating images. There is nothing to late in live!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! The red tones are awesome!

Joanie said...

Awesome colors. I love the atmosphere of it.

Liz Jones said...

Love this!! Reminds me of War of the Worlds... glad to hear that he'll escape!