Thursday, October 09, 2008


That's right. Dearth. Not death, dearth. Almost as bad but a lot more fixable.

There has been a dearth of posts and for that I am sad. However! It's for a good cause. I've got a few work related projects that I'm looking forward to posting about as well as personal projects.

So! Hang in there. And remember -- dearth means not forever.

In other news, by request of the entire continent of France, the "Night Watcher" now has the gift of flight. He's wing-ed now.

Also, unrelatedly, I'd like to direct you over to Justin's blog. He took many trips this past summer and wrote about a few of his experiences.

"The bears would then run from campsite to campsite to repeat the scene again and again. They spread chaos and terror the whole night long. I kept imagining a bear stumbling over me by accident, getting caught up in my bag and then shredding everything in a 20 foot radius in a blind panic. I didn't fall asleep once. "

"...The bear would freak out, seeing stars and eagles and bacon, and in a frenzy, pummel me and my pointless sleeping bag into the earth."

And his new site is up. It looks really great.

Have fun.

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