Monday, October 13, 2008

"hello sorry"

I made a special piece for those of you who have made a stop to this lonely outpost these last few days, or weeks, I guess.

I'm in the middle of a fairly gargantuan personal project at home and I'll be updating on that in the coming days and weeks.

Work at work has been exceptionally busy as well. I've had the privilege to be involved in some pretty fun projects recently and they are, by nature, time-consuming.

So, for those of you stopping by, thank you. I hope you'll be pleased with what's coming down the line.



JAKE WYATT said...

That's fun design, sir. Luck with work.

damon said...

nice drawing

J. Wade said...

I better be pleased...OR ELSE!

ale balanzario said...

Very nice!!, will be back later.

Good luck with your work.