Tuesday, August 25, 2009

painting in oils - 6

Approaching final details with this piece. I'm laying in the final darks, a mixture of Prussian Blue, Alizarin Crimson, and Burnt Umber. This makes a nice raven blue-black that I like.

With her hair now undeniably black it really throws the face into a deathly pale light. In the next stage I gave her blood-red lips (all along she's meant to be Snow White) and it makes her face much more haunting that I had imagined or intended. I feel like it works but it surprised me.

The thing that keeps nagging me about this is I feel that when it's close up, when you see the face full (like in the last detail pictures) it works. Everything works for me. But, when you step back too far it doesn't hold up quite as well. I'm not sure why this is. I'm curious if anyone thinks that too or has any ideas.

Next post : Final.


Jordie Bellaire said...

I get what you mean about it not looking as swell as a whole. But, I wonder if it's because really the piece isn't truly unified yet. I bet when you have the blouse/dress finished, things will come together. Or maybe you've just really been agonizing over the portrait and you're just in over-concentrate mode. It's gonna be a success, I'm sure!

Rick said...

Just a shot in the dark, but the right side of her face (from the viewers point of view) just keeps on going under her hair like it's being stretched out. You can't tell this up close, though. Everything else is spot on. Especially the eyes.

Matt said...

I think the hair is a little too flat in color. I love the black color, it just feels like it needs a little more variation to make it stand out. The camera pictures may contribute to this though, so it's hard to say.