Friday, August 28, 2009

painting in oils - 7

Here's where I am at this point, very close to done ("done" in this instance meaning "being done"and "moving on")

I softened the left side of the nose from the previous stage and this seemed to me to help the piece when you see it from a couple feet away. I still think the face looks best close up.

The piece came out much more haunting than I ever meant it too. Snow White's raven black hair, blood red lips, and skin as white as snow is actually a little spooky.

I'm going to wait to post the final until it's dry and I can scan it. With a lot of the hair wet and background wet still it doesn't photograph well.

There's a couple more things I'm going to do, but overall I'm pleased with the experiment and I'm ready to move on to number 2.

1 comment:

David Miles said...

Whoa. Eerie! I'm digging the subtle bits of color in her skin! It really adds depth to the paleness of her face.