Thursday, December 03, 2009

Santa Don't Miss Or Else

Here's a re-post from about this time last year, 2008. In case you may have missed it (or have been, in fact, avoiding it) it's December again. We made a little game for Christmas last year and once again it does seem seasonally appropriate.

Santa Don't Miss Or Else
, or SDMOE, as I like to call it, is a brand new game made just for you by Portland Studios! Just in time for Christmas!

Mark made up the idea, I made all the art for it, Mark made it into a game, and the venerable Ben Kammer wrote and performed the music.

Take the Rudolph 2 for a spin! Drop some presents into the chimneys before the time runs out. Compete for the high score!

And for goodness sakes, don't miss -- or else.

Merry Christmas from your friends at Portland Studios.


Will Kelly said...

Yay! Christmas! I loved this game - I only got to play it once. I didn't do so good at it then. But this year: It's time for some serious chimney divin'!

Anonymous said...

God, I'm rubbish at this game! Ah, who needs presents anyway? Materialism is overrated.

Chris Whitler said...

Ok, this game totally stresses me out but I have to keep playing it!

Kei Acedera said...

You guys ROCK, this is so fun!!