Wednesday, December 02, 2009



My good friend Mike Boldt has accomplished what relatively few people ever do -- the publishing of his first book!

In honor of the release of the book, Mike has held a "stack-tastic" celebration over on his blog.

Basically, you could either stack something (like the gophers do in the book) and take a picture, draw stuff stacked, or (as I chose to do) use page from Mike's book that he turned into a template and draw something in place.

I barely made it in time as "Stacktastic" closed the end of November, but I got in at the last minute with my stack of brush and ink dragons.


Be sure and hop over to see all the other Stacktastic entries and see how they stack up. Hoo-boy! I'm as funny as ... I'm not funny. But, all the same, check out Mike Boldt's Stacktastic!


Will Kelly said...

Hey Cory,
I missed yesterday's post, but I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your Christmas cards. I am the biggest sucker for ephemera from the 1800's, especially when it gets reused in new design. Did you do these in Photoshop?

Anyway there's my little burst of excitement for today. Thanks for making my rainy Wednesday a little cooler!

Cory Godbey said...

Hey Will, you got it! Seriously, isn't it dreary out there?

Yeah these are some quick Photoshop deals. I'll be posting the 2009 card in a couple days. It was a little challenging because it's from an old illustration and was pretty lo resolution so I had to blur and smudge or heads a little to make it consistent. But it's a good one!