Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have I ever posted this drawing?

I don't know that I have, though it was featured in my 2009 sketchbook, Princesses, Monsters, and things that fly :

* * *

I've spent the last day or so going through my office, cleaning and organizing.

As anyone who visited me, or my co-workers, can attest that over the course of this most recent animation job nearly everything fell into disrepair.

I've found a lot of drawings and things that I think would make for giveaways so I'll be putting something like that together next week.

So, until then -- stay frosty.


Will Kelly said...

Thanks man. I'm just, um -- chillin'.

Good luck on the organizing. I am probably one of the sloppiest when it comes to my workspace, but I can create so much better when I'm free from clutter!

RAPOSO said...

Hi, it is my first contact. I live in Brasil and recently I bought "Where The Wild Things Are" to my kid, and I made an illustration about this book. So, I would like to post the art inside "The Terrible yellow eyes" but I do not know how...
Well, you are the owner of the blog, so, how may I participate the blog with my artistic contribution?


Fernando Raposo

Cory Godbey said...

Hi Fernado, I'm sorry to say I have closed the project and am no longer accepting contributions.