Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alice and the Gryphon : stages

When I decide to photograph the progress of a piece, I inevitably forget I'm doing that and the spaces between photographs widens the longer I'm working.

Nevertheless, I managed to get the highlights of making my first piece for Curiouser and Curiouser : Inspired by 'Alice In Wonderland'


Alice and the Gryphon. 8 x 10. Watercolor.

This weekend I'm set to begin the set of three small portraits that will accompany this piece.

I'm very glad to be having a little extra time to do these.


Jesus said...

So Cory, normally prepare your watercolor painting in black and white and then you apply the color with Photoshop? Don't like apply the color with watercolors?

Michelle said...

Wow I love it!!! It captures my imagination. Makes me want to write a story on it.

C. L. Bresee said...

It looks awesome. Is it ink or watercolor for the black outline?

Anonymous said...

Cory that's a beautiful painting, the final and the process. So inspiring

Anonymous said...

Yes, but we would be happier if you answer our technical questions :-D, eh Cory? Please!

Cory Godbey said...

Thanks everyone!

I'm sorry, what's the technical question?

The line is pencil.

Daniel Belchí said...


Cory, the technical question is about your postprocess steps, I mean:

Jesus said: normally prepare your watercolor painting in black and white and then you apply the color with Photoshop?

Cory Godbey said...

Sure, since this piece isn't black and white I wasn't sure if that was in reference to this piece or what.

It might look more monochromatic in the photographs but that's the poor lighting and my bad photography skills. The last picture is the scan and shows the true colors. I never paint just black and white. This was painted with Prussian Blue (Windsor Newton paints) and Raw Sienna (also WN) the highlights are white gouache. The line work is a black Col-Erase pencil.

There's no Photoshop work on this piece, if that's the question.

LILIDOLL said...

I really love it..... i't a wonderful image !

Unknown said...

So lovely and delicate!! Love the mood!

Mikkamakka said...

Beautiful pictures! Very inspiring! Thank you!