Monday, February 08, 2010

Alice and the Gryphon

I'm very happy to show my first piece for Curiouser and Curiouser : Inspired by 'Alice In Wonderland' another one of the awesome shows coming up at Gallery Nucleus.

I'm sure you'll remember Nucleus, they hosted the Terrible Yellow Eyes show back in September 2009.

The Alice show is coming up and in addition to the painting below I've got a series of small portraits planned as well.

Alice and the Gryphon. 8 x 10. Watercolor.

I was really excited when I heard about the show and even more so when Nucleus asked me to join. If you'll remember, back in October I had begun to plan for a series of Alice inspired pieces then I was waylaid by the enormous project (I still have to wait to post about it yet) but I managed to plan all my pieces for this Alice project.

Wednesday I'll post the stages of painting for this piece and you can sort of see how it came together.


Stephen Davis said...

Beautiful! It's gonna be a pretty awesome show.

Will Kelly said...

I love gryphons! I like the way they're walking by the sea.
Annie Koelle has a nice piece for this show too... maybe you've seen it.
Would love to be there - good luck!!

Bob Flynn said...

Fantastic work, Cory. I've delved into Alice as of late for a different show up in Ottawa at the Canteen Gallery (March 3). The Gryphon completely lends itself to your brushwork (and sensibilities). I'd love to see your take on the Mock Turtle, too.

Larry MacDougall said...

Super job Cory. I can practically smell the ocean :)