Monday, March 15, 2010

new method practice 4

Ok, so here we have a few progress photographs of this new Acrylic method. It took me a while to get the hang of the way Acrylic paints but I feel like I started to get it towards the end of this session. I decided with this first one to focus not on color but on painting technique.

Once again a huge thank you to the lovely and talented Annie for helping me learn.

The drawing.

First glaze.

Second glaze, with a little dabbed back out.

This is when I started enjoying the painting, I liked the very visible brush strokes.

Beginning the clouds. I might have done them too bright. I glazed them back a little but the damage was done. If I were to do it over I probably would have done them lighter.

Pretty much done at this point (with this first session anyway)

This is one (above) most accurately shows the color.

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Will Kelly said...

Wow I really like this! It suits your style really well. Your usual watercolor characteristics aren't there, but the cleanness of the acrylic fits with the pencil drawing, kind of keeping it closer to the original sketch. The brushstrokes are nice, as well as the little debris that sort of built up in the 1st glaze.
It'll be cool to see where you take this...

nicholas said...

Excellent Cory.
Whether in the acrylic or watercolor, how do you keep your pencil lines from getting all muddy when applying the paint? In the past I have seen you use colored pencils...but sometimes you also use the graphite. I just love how you can watercolor over the lines and it doesn't take away the line quality or run into the paint.
I'm excited for your new technique. Looking great!