Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new method practice 5

So I'm either bringing you all along with me on a bright, glorious journey of discovery or a horrifying expedition in the darkest, most foul heart of the unknown.

Well. Who can say for sure. What I am hoping is that at very, very least I'll end up with a finished piece worth having watched develop. Most people I know who blog painting progressions do so once the work is completed and they trickle out the documentation. I've certainly done that and that's probably the best way to handle it. With this one, however, we are in almost real time.

On to it. As much as I enjoyed painting in the Acrylics the first time, I realized something was off once I resumed painting last night. The Acrylics I was using last night were not matching up with the Acrylics I was painting now. I was starting to paint in a moon and it was all looking bad. I quickly wiped it out and thought --

I remembered hearing some ancient bit of knowledge that it is possible to paint oil on top of acrylic and so I commenced to scatter all of my cautions to the winds and dive in with oil.

I began to glaze in a richer, darker blue.

Here's the final, smoother glaze. It was hard get a good picture with the shiny oil and my incredibly bright lamp. What I can't yet tell is if I should have left well enough alone or what. Though I am pleased with the more rich overall color. That, and I've got the clouds pushed back to what I originally wanted.

The next step is bringing back the highlights.

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jess smart smiley said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Those blues are so rich!