Wednesday, July 28, 2010

back from SDCC

Man, what a berserk last few weeks!

As you might have noticed the week before we left for the San Diego Comic-Con I pretty much abandoned my blog and ran out in a panic. There was so much to get ready, so many deadlines, and a ton of stuff to be put together before we left.

I'm pleased to report that things went very well and for the next few posts I'll be covering some of the highlights as well as posting some of the new work I took to the show.

I'm also picking right up where I left off with my blog, resuming my M/W/F posting schedule and getting back with the Alice work.

So hey, why not get started right here -- Here is my annual video tour of the San Diego Comic-Con. It's long and involves a lot of Star Wars. It's also 720p so can see all the nerdy detail. Also, if you please, click over to see it on Youtube itself so you don't have to deal with the video battling with my sidebar.

And if nothing else check out the last minute to see Kitty's guerrilla marketing in action and it actually work.

For 5 days we called booth #4616 home. Long live SDCC 2010 in our hearts and minds.

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Anonymous said...

That was great, Corey! Thanks so much! I especially liked your sales tactic at the end. I should try that out at the museum store I work at. Wow!