Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FLIGHT 7 : Onere and Piccola

FLIGHT is the Eisner nominated, Harvey nominated, graphic novel anthology created and edited by the genius Kazu Kibuishi.

I was honored again to be included in the 7th volume in the series.

In Flight 6 my story was "Walters" a rambling, wordless 40 page story. It was a fantastical retelling of the true story about the man who flew his lawn chair with weather balloons. You can see the extensive "making of" posts here.

For Flight 7 I was challenged to develop a story beyond a wordless one. After some time I settled on "Onere and Piccola" an original myth of mine. I love mythology and I'll take any chance I can to try to write something archaic and sort of grand. Truthfully the story of Onere and Piccola is just a small facet of a larger mythology of a story that I hope to be able to show you all some day. It's just one of the stories told in the world of one of my stories. If that makes sense.

Well, I followed a pretty similar production for this story as do with most all of my work except in this case I made much more developed roughs.

From there it was a matter a drawing and painting.

Like many others I listen to music when I work. I can't when I'm writing or storyboarding or doing the roughs, but once it's time to draw and paint I'm all for it. I don't know how many other people are like this but I tend to gravitate towards a certain grouping of music/songs while involved in any given project.

For "Onere and Piccola" I listened to these three pieces of music in particular on repeat throughout the project. I hope they'll add to your experience reading the story.

Once I was done, I hand-lettered the text. Yes, it was a little tedious but the story is only 20 pages (actually 10 cleverly laid out spreads to speed the production time, drawing and painting went much faster) so it did take a little extra time to letter but in the end it really made things look that much better I thought. I'm very pleased with the way it all came together.

Like I mentioned earlier, with "Onere and Piccola" I wanted to write something kind of grand, a little archaic, and something with a little emotion. I hope you will enjoy it.

Here is a link to see a preview of the first 6 pages.

Ah, what the heck, I'll post them here too --

Flight 7 will be released at San Diego Comic-Con this year (in a week!) Stop by the booth #2235, I'll be there periodically throughout the day signing some books and hanging out.


Sadami said...

Dear Cory,
...oh, wonderful, great work!! Thank you for sharing them all.
Kind regards,

Rafael Kokiri said...

wonderfull colors.
And the soundtrack is truly inspiring, even I listening to it previously.
By the way, you describled soundtracks exactly the way i'm used too. Can Listen to if I have to imagine too much or think about a story. But i love it when drawing.

nicholas said...

Cory, this is simply outstanding! Congrats!

What is your process like for hand lettering? I love it.

Marloes de Vries said...

Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! I have Flight 7 on my wishlist, I have already have the other 6. Such an amazing comic series and I love your work!

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff. This looks awesome.

I didn't know how to email you so I'm posting this here. I think the word Go may have been left off on the 4th page? I hope this helps and if I'm wrong sorry about bugging you. Again, love your stuff!

That he must "GO" down under the earth?

Cory Godbey said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes! I did forget "go" but thankfully someone already caught that and I got a new page uploaded, these just the old jpgs. Thanks all the same!