Friday, September 03, 2010

bit and run Volume Two, 5

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you guys a little bonus comic for today (see below) I don't think it quite makes a stand-alone comic but as a bonus it seems in my mind to work. It must be so difficult to eat or drink anything with those masks. How would you get around that? With a straw I guess, I don't know. Enjoy! - Cory

Oh, and as if that's not enough, I did a Flipnote version of the bonus comic as well. I just got a DSi XL for my birthday (I've worn my old DS into the ground) and Flipnote was the thing I was most looking forward to playing with. I hope to give you guys more of these in the future.


bit and run Volume Two, 1
bit and run Volume Two, 2
bit and run Volume Two, 3
bit and run Volume Two, 4

bit and run Volume One

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Mike Bonsteel said...

Love it all. Especially the koopa motivational poster and shy guy language.