Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Photo by Peter Crane.

Indie Craft Parade, (@craftparade) my wife's pet project went off this past weekend. It was another massive success and a lot of fun to boot. 

I debuted several new prints at the show. I'll be posting those this Friday.

I had several of my Grimm and Alice prints as well as several originals but the work I was most excited about was The Hidden People. The book did very well at the show and I want to thank everyone who came by and supported it! 

Prints of five pieces from The Hidden People will be available this Friday. 

Thanks again!


Moonofsilver said...

YAY CAN'T excited about those prints!! =) =) =)

Sarah June said...

Love you're illustrations! Especially the winding tree in The Golden Apple. Looks very enchanting. I'm doing a paper on Maurice Sendak for my History of Illustration class. Would you say he is one of your inspirations for your work, someone whose been a great influence for you?