Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thanks and schedule resumed


 Thank you!

The Hidden People has sold through the first print run and is well into the second printing.

I've been thrilled by the response and just wanted to thank you all for your support!

I wanted to take the month of August off from blogging and let the initial THP post sit at the top for the month. At the same time you might have noticed a fresh coat of paint over this old blog. Actually birthday number six slipped past last week. My dear old blog, six years old. 

Anyway, I'm still messing with things and updating.

I'll resume my regular M/W/F posting schedule next week but for this (incredibly, how is the end of summer) first day of September just wanted to check in and say hey.

Also, look at this! Look at this dancing guy!

I'll see you on Monday.


Cooper Davis said...

Wow. That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

yeeeh! today is arrived my copy of the hidden people! is fantastic,i vove it soooooo much!
tank you cory for for your autograph and the sketche on the book!
by elisa.

Aedan Peterson said...

The book is awesome! I love the little doodle on the front (me and Cooper freaked out).

Thanks, Aedan

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