Monday, October 31, 2011


Over the last year or so I've worked on a project for a couple of really great guys who work in the British film industry, one is a producer, the other is an editor.

It's been a great experience and I love that I've gotten the chance to help them bring it to life. They're starting to release some of the work. Here's a look at some of it.

 Above. Some of my work from the Prologue section of the book.

Below. Some of the actual pages and panels of the graphic novel.

* * * 

You can find out more about them over on their Facebook page. Also, you can see a little more of the work I've done for them over there as well.

And you can also check out their main website, Reality in Dreams and see some of the other projects they have going on (and maybe find some more of my work hidden in there!)

* * *

Alex and Greg have been some of the best people I've ever gotten the chance to work with and I look forward to many more projects together!


Larry MacDougall said...

Wow !
Cory this work is just Brilliant !
Really powerful design.


Will Kelly said...

Man I love this. This looks like some of your finest work ever! Great stuff man.

Alex Anstey said...

Hey Cory, thanks so much for blogging about 910ths! We couldn't be happier with your amazing work and are really looking forward to unleashing on the world soon!

Aedan Peterson said...

So do you do that digital over water color and pencil?

Katie said...

Hi, Cory! I've been following your blog for a while, but now that I've seen these I finally have to comment--they are beautiful. Your imagination is really remarkable.