Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Zelda and Christmas cards

For me, Christmas means (almost) one thing -- The Legend of Zelda. It's only ever the week of Christmas that I get the time to play a game as involved as Zelda.

And every Christmas for about as long as I can remember (minus the college years) has had something to do with Zelda, in some capacity. Last year I played through "Link's Awakening" on the GameBoy (ten years late... though I beat it ten years to the day that I got the game -- and in a sling, so that's got to count for something.)

And it seems like every Christmas coincides with the release of a Zelda game, or at least on the off years I have an older game to go back and work through.

A Very Zelda Christmas, this year. What with the new Zelda DS release (which has got a beautiful theme! Listen : and the fact that though I got Twilight Princess for Christmas last year I've not have the hours needed to play it. Maybe this year. I've also got "A Link to the Past" I want to play again. I'm dismal at the original Legend of Zelda, I can't really make it anywhere without dying. And Zelda II just confuses me and I'm lost. I've got both of those off the Virtual Console on the Wii.

The number one thing you learn from Zelda? Princesses are always worth saving.

So Christmas is Zelda, and, making Christmas cards. For most of the years we've been married, Erin and I have made a Christmas card featuring us and our two cats, behold :



* * *

I'll be posting our 2009 card once they're in the mail. It might be my favorite of the lot.

* * *

Also worth noting, I'll be doing a post a day this week to make up for missing my posts last week.

Tomorrow -- stacks of dragons for the Canadians!


David Miles said...

My sister and I enjoyed many "Zelda" Christmas's. I love having enough down time to dig into a great adventure. Good luck!

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